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Don’t think difficult, try to think real life. When are the customers most likely to buy from you? Then simply transfer the answer to technology.

Lisa Mitchell – Co-founder of Cake For You

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The challenge

Cake For You is one of Britain’s largest online cake shops. They have just started working with us and didn’t want to invest large sums into optimising their website just yet. We needed to figure out a way to make big initial gains with small effort.

After taking a glance at their sales data, we discovered that most of Cake For You’s bakery is sold for annual occassions. Cakes for work parties and graduations make up a mere slice of their turnover – birthdays and anniversaries are what matters.

We know that someone who was celebrating his birthday in 2020 will probably be doing the same 2021 (unless covid-19 takes over the world and everyone devolves into bacteria, that is). We know a customer who has bought a cake for their daughter’s birthday will probably be looking to buy one again a year later. Which means that all we to do is find a way to make them think about Cake For You when the right time comes. A simple reminder. We wouldn’t even need to do much convincing, since the customer already trusts us.

How we did it

The customer already made an order with us, so we’ve got their email address. The remaining part was set up automated reminders and perhaps add a small incentive just to be sure. Easy.

We started an email marketing campaign that would deliver an email along with a small discount to a customers who bought cakes from birthday / anniversary categories. We tracked every time someone would place and order after clicking on our notification. Turns out, this simple email made a whopping €18 400 of extra revenue a year. That’s pretty good considering this was just a couple of days work.

What’s ahead

We are continuing with our automated email campaigns for Lisa. It’s easy to plan when her team can see exactly how much Upuro’s improvements deliver.


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