ASP Classic development

ASP Classic development

We are one of the few remaining developers out there that still work with Classic ASP – programming language that has dominated the internet in the 1990s.

Our largest ASP client

Because up until now our agency has been focusing on government clients, our latest work is a legacy set of systems of the Lithuanian Public Procurement Office. The systems are mainly used by several thousand tender specialists across Lithuania.

Allowing those systems to crash could paralyze the entire country – from buying pencils for a school to building the national stadium. That’s why we’ve been hired for maintenance as much as for development.

It’s a complex system with important data coming in every business hour – the databases alone make up hundreds of GB.

ASP development for you

Your own website is likely smaller, so it will not require a large team.

And even if the website is built with ASP, it’s natural to have accompanying technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP & others. We do work with all common web technologies.

How our work works

If we start working with you, we’ll create a nice task board where you can post tasks and track our progress. Our hourly rate is 50 USD.

Not too skilled in technology?

Don’t worry – most of our clients aren’t. There is no problem with not knowing for certain what you want on your webpage.

That’s why we not only have developers, but also certified project managers that will listen to your needs, consult and decide the best architectural approach.

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