About us

We are a marketing and website development company based in Lithuania, EU. Since January 2016, we’ve been building truly high quality websites for companies and institutions in Lithuania, Ireland, Sweden, Austria and the U.S. Our clients include ministries and companies that we’ve directly helped to grow from 3 people to 30.

Our office in Kareiviu Str. 11-B, Vilnius, Lithuania.

We are 5 experts specialising in:

web development

digital design

conversion optimisation

digital marketing

e-commerce development

A word from founder

My journey in the e-commerce world started back in 2009.

When I would like to order something on eBay but wouldn’t have the right payment cards or skills, I would find a guy online who would do it for me. Eventually, I myself became that guy. Together with a family friend, we opened Tarpink.lt – a unique service that helps you shop globally. We would make sure you receive exactly what you expected and we’d take care of shipping even if the seller doesn’t deliver to your country.

In 2016, after working with hundreds of online stores and learning what makes some go bankrupt in just a few months while others thrive, I sold the company to found web agency Upuro.com

Upuro’s mission from day one has been to create high quality websites that convert visitors into customers better than your competition does. We also keep our websites easy to use both for visitors and managers. We are proud to say that our client companies spend less on their marketing activities because their websites require fewer visitors to get a customer. The decisions we make are based on behavioural marketing, previous studies and A/B tests.

We also specialise in building booking systems. With automated software appointments become easier both for your customers and team. See for yourself in our work examples.

I think the most telling fact is that more than 8 out of 10 of our clients choose to work with us for 2 years or more.

Arnas Mikulskis
Founder and CEO


Arnas Mikulskis Arnas Mikulskis, founder.

Arnas Mikulskis
Founder and CEO


Company name: MB “Slyva”
Company code: 304492712
Address: Kareiviu Str. 11-B, Vilnius, Lithuania. LT-09109
Phone no.: +370 606 96460